A light of possible intelligence and openness seems to come not from philosophy, but from art.
    I am not actually sure of what I am talking about when I say the word art. You aren’t either – nobody is exactly.
    Yet it seems that in a recent poll, twenty-four to twenty-five percent of young German people interviewed by journalists answered the question “what do you want to do when you’re an adult” by stating that they wanted to be artists. What are they picturing? What do they think being an artist means, exactly? Are they thinking about the rich possibilities that the art market offers? Well, maybe, but I don’t think so. I think that they are saying they want to be artists because they feel that being an artist means to escape a future of sadness, to escape a future of precariousness as sadness. They are thinking, well, precariousness and sadness can become something different, if they withdraw their faith, if they withdraw from any expectations a capitalist future can offer. I don’t want to expect anything from the future, so I start my future as an artist.

– Franco Bifo Berardi